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Internet Services

Web Site Hosting


are also a

Hosting Service Provider

. We offer various

hosting packages

ranging from simple

HTML hosting


dynamic web applications

written in PHP.

Domain Name Registration


have the ability to buy and maintain any type of

domain name

applicable to your organisation.

Domain names

sell fast and it is important that a company takes control of its most important asset - its good name.
As well as domain names we offer

SMTP mail(MX Record)

forwarding and

Website (A Record)

forwarding facilities to any email address you please.

Fax to Email


internet service


provide is the ability to

receive a fax as an email


Fax to Email

enables you to receive

faxes direct to your PC

without the need for another phone line or fax machine. The

faxes are sent to the email address

that you supply in a Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF) or .PDF format ready for you to read at the click of a button.

High-Speed Broadband Internet Connections

Not only do we offer

business software systems


bespoke software development

we also provide a wide range of

high-speed broadband connections

as well as other

internet services

suitable for

residential and commercial use


With services starting from 512k up to


, you will experience the internet as never before. You will experience virtually no waiting around with websites and emails as they will download in seconds.
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