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Yorkshire Supplier Register


has been successful with its application for the Platinum Membership of the ICT Yorkshire directory, Club UK Online. In recent years we have established successful partnerships with major organisations in the West Yorkshire area. Having gained Platinum Membership we can now offer substantial benefits to small and medium sized companies operating in the Yorkshire and Humber area. The ICT Directory is a network of accredited specialist and is a benchmark of good practice in the provision of ICT & business advice/support for SME's. Companies using these services can gain up to

50% funding


ICT projects


Business Administration


Manufacturing Systems

and also


, particularly in the areas of the development of new products and new markets.

West Midlands Supplier Register

We are pleased to announce that we are one of the first companies to be approved on West Midlands Brokerage Supplier Register.

East Midlands Supplier Register

We are pleased to announce that we automatically qualify for the East Midlands Brokerage Supplier Register as we were previously on the National Supplier Register.

Regional Grant Schemes

The Business Link Brokerage Service offers to fund upto 50% of consultancy costs for SMEs.

Business Link

has launched a scheme that offers companies with between 10 and 250 employees 50% - up to a 10K maximum - of the cost of


fees associated with development and implemention of IT and web-based systems.
Key areas being targeted by the

Business Link Brokerage Service


mobility and wireless


internet and broadband



that meet the

Business Link

best practice criteria. To qualify for the grant, businesses need to go through an accredited supplier listed on the

Business Link Supplier Register

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