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Customer Relations Management (CRM) Systems

Customer Relationship Management

is an essential part of modern

business management


Our system enables you to have your entire

customers/suppliers details ready

at the click of a button, without having to sift through your paperwork saving you valuable time. Contact details such as

primary addresses


important phone numbers


email addresses

and any other key information you wish to add.

There is also a feature in your

Customer Relationship Management System

for you to

record calls

. This section enables you to write down the details of a call you have taken. This may be so you don't forget what you spoke about or for reference for another colleague to see in the future. Adding a new call will automatically take down the date and time of the call for ease.

Another great feature to the system is you can add a reminder to each call if there is anything important you need reminding of at a later date such as a

scheduled meeting

or a

conference call


With all of these

simple and time saving features

you will wonder how you ever coped before without them.

Enquiry and Quotation System

Being able to get a


out to your customer quickly is a vital part of any organisation and with this linked up to your

Customer Relationship Management System

you can generate one effortlessly.


Enquiry System

will dramatically reduce the time it takes to create an enquiry/quote. As well as creating them you will also be able to recall and amend them. Finally once you are happy with the




you have formed you can print it out and post it, or email it directly to your contacts with ease.




have never been so simple.

Business Administration Systems


Business Administration System

provides technology that expands our administrative capabilities, allowing us to enhance the quality of customer services.
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